Path of the Titans

Path of the Titans series has begun!

Season 1 has started - October 01, 2018

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What is Path of the Titans Series? Path of the Titans is a number of events throughout a series (approx. 1 year) building up to a Tournament of Titans at the end of each series year. Play in your favorite MTG or CFV formats to earn points per season. Climb the leader boards and get rewards based on your standings per season and at the end of the series. Then combine your points for each season through the entire series to be invited to the final Tournament of Titans at the end of the series year. Each MTG format is independent from one another, while the two CFV events combine.

How many series in a season? Each series will consist of 4 seasons, approximately 3 months each in length. (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Which formats/events are part of the Path of the Titans series? Currently, MTG Standard, Modern and Legacy, as well as, CFV Standard and Premium.

Does this affect current event entry and prizing? No. Nothing changes in regards to the weekly events you're familiar with. The Path of the Titans series runs in conjunction with the regular events at no additional cost or effort.

Do I need to sign up specifically for Path of the Titans? No. Just by playing in any Path of the Titans event, you are automatically entered into the series. No additional effort required.

How do the points work? Each win is worth 3 points. A draw is worth 1 point. A loss is worth 0 points.

Where can I find my standings? Once each format has had their first event, the standings will be updated and a hyperlink to each format will be displayed above on this page.

How often are the standings updated? Standings should be updated within 24hrs of the completion of the event. On the standings page, there will be an "Updated as of" that will let you know when the last update has occurred.

How does the prizing work for the Path of the Titans series? $1 of Store Credit per person per event entry is put into that format's seasons pool. There will be an Prize Pool total associated with each format on the leaderboard page. Currently, the top 4 participants will be paid out. 1st = 35%, 2nd = 25$, 3rd = 20%, 4th = 20% at the end of each season.

I have a question that is not listed above. For any further information, please contact Titan's Vault Games directly either in store, by phone or on Facebook. We will gladly answer any further inquiries.